The grandmontine priory of Rauzet or Rozet
The piscina
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          The sanctuaries of medieval churches contained two shallow stone sinks that were termed piscinas, each one had a drain and a lead pipe that went directly down into the sub-soil. The twin piscinas at Rauzet are set in two magnificent niches, each one covered with a rounded arch. There was originally a tap that has long disappeared but the hole still marks its original position. The right-hand piscina was used at mass for the washing of the priest’s hands before the communion and the left one was used after the communion for washing the chalice and other vessels.
To contact the association to safeguard the Grandmontain church of Rauzet, ASEGRauzet.
The phone number is that of the mairie: 00 33 545 23 04 08 e-mail:
Robinet = tap
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