The grandmontine priory of Rauzet or Rozet
The Porticum

          The Rule of Grandmont notes that the porticum is the area where the  
Brothers received visitors. It was a simple structure with a lean-to roof, attached to the wall of  
the church and resting on columns. Two other grandmontine churches each with a porticum  
have recently been restored. One of them comprises a long quadrant shaped stone vault  
resting on a series of arches. The only traces remaining of the Rauzet porticum consists of a  
row of corbels that supported the main beam of the roof. However, the excavations realised in  
2002 brought to light the monolithic shaft and base of a large column. The foundations of a  
double entry situated just in front of the church door were equally discovered. It consisted  
of three large stone blocks, the central one of which is a square plinth with chamfered sides.  
Only two of the columns that would have stood on these plinths have been found.

          The archaeology also revealed that there was a room at the east end of the  
porticum. The purpose of this room is outlined in Chapter 51 of The Rule of Grandmont which  
speaks of the manner in which the brothers should go out to the parlour to welcome their  
visitors. There is clear evidence of a doorway from the porticum for visitors to enter the  
parlour and in the opposite wall was a doorway opening from the cemetery. Later in the  
history of the order chapels replaced several grandmontine parlours. The chapel at St.  
Michel de Lodève and La Haye d’Angers date from the fourteenth century.

      Women were never permitted to enter the monastery or even the church but the  
parlour outside of the monastery and chapel walls was definitely outside the monastery and  
where female relatives of the monks could visit if accompanied by a male member of the  
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